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Use this rate calculator to obtain a cost estimate on your next taxi ride. Please note that actual costs are subject to change without notice. This calculator is for local fare calculations within Kingston & Surrounding Areas. For rates outside of the area, please consult the rate structure document below.

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Rate Structure

Our rate structure document contains pricing information the Kingston Area Taxi Commission.


The rates or fares to be charged by the Brokers/Plateholders/Drivers of taxi cabs within the Area of the Commission and to any point not more than five (5) kilometers beyond the limits of said Area shall be as follows, plus Harmonized Sales Tax, which shall be calculated by the meter:

Fare increase change is effective January 4, 2016.

1. If the meter is not on, the ride is free.

2.     (a) For the first 77 metres or part thereof: $3.05

        (b) For each additional 77 metres or part thereof: $0.10

        (c) For each additional passenger in excess of one: $0.50

        (d) For waiting time while under engagement for each thirteen (13) seconds: $0.10

3. Baggage:

(a) Use of trunk or storage area: $0.50

(b) Brief cases and parcels of comparable size - if loaded or unloaded by passenger: NO CHARGE

(c) Manual wheelchairs, including loading and unloading by driver: NO CHARGE

(d) "Service" dogs accompanying special needs people: NO CHARGE

(e) Walkers used for medical reasons: NO CHARGE

(f) For large items i.e. bicycles, skies, etc. there shall be a minimum of $2.00 charge, multiple items, oversize items shall be at the discretion of driver agreed upon before commencement of trip: $2.00

(g) For delivery of any parcel or document where no passenger is carried, minimum charge per trip: $6.35

(h) For specific request for vans for passengers: $2.50

4. The driver of a taxi cab shall pre-arrange the fare with the customer prior to commencement of the trip for flat rate trips, which end more than five kilometers beyond the jurisdiction of the Kingston Area Taxi Commission.

5. There shall be no charge for children under twelve (12) years of age in the charge of an adult.

(HST shall be calculated by the meter)

6. Extensive cleanup fee (meter printed receipt has to be issued): $80.50

7. Rental of taxi (minimum 1 hour): $42.40. Each additional fifteen (15) minutes: $10.55

(HST included)